swease – sync with ease!

swease makes VR calendar syncing so easy that you´ll want to scream!

How to make VR calendar syncing as easy as possible!

Until yet VR tech industry provides the most comprehensive channel managers neglecting the fact that the majority of private hosts need a simple, cheap and reliable calendar syncing tool.
Time has come for a disruptive approach.

Most VR hosts don´t need a complex channel managing software to synchronize their calendars. Only 22% of them use technology!* The vast majority, 78%, manage their VRs manually since they fear technological excessive demand, making application errors and as a result missing double bookings*. They are asking for a simple, smart and cost effective solution. That´s where swease enters the stage. swease is not another complicated, multi functional channel manager. swease provides the unique benefit that the majority of hosts is waiting for. Sync with ease!


swease takes away iCal pain and makes syncing VR calendars as easy and affordable as never before.

swease makes syncing easy!
swease makes VR calendar syncing a whoooah experience.

Realtime API connectivity

swease is build up on an unique approach that is distinguished from competition. It is not the next „Me too“  software using iCal standard and just providing an overview of the different calendar status. swease syncs calendars in the background without any additional activities of the user.
The technology we use is based on an ultra fast, API based dialogue, provided as SAAS. There´s no need for an additional interface,  software download, website or calendar. If there has been a change in one calendar swease automatically actualizes and syncs all connected calendars. In REALTIME!
Hosts can now lean back, relax and be sure that their calendars are synced.

Please join us in creating the easiest and most affordable syncing software. Sign in for beta testing at www.swease.io

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