When the storm hits the city it´s time for KiteBnB man Leon to launch his kite.

Leon in the air

Thanks to winter storm „Burglind“ and the high water along the Rhine river at Düsseldorf some hard-boiled walkers saw kitesurfer Leon Cornielje in action in Kaiserswerth today.

Depression „Burglind“ came with gale force winds across Europe today. Beside huge waves and destruction in the costal areas the storm caused damage and chaos in the interior of the countries as well. Some airports had to pause operations and traffic was drastically affected by fallen trees and overturned trucks. Airport Düsseldorf reported wind gusts with more than 80 km/h.

Time for Leon to take the challenge

Just enough wind for Leon to pause his studies and to get the brand new Eleveight FS kite launched during the peak of the storm in Düsseldorf. He decided to go for the 14m! to avoid that the kite might drop when the wind gets too weak between the gusts. It´s been a good choice.

Two options

When ever my son asks me: „Dad what do you think about…“, I know there are only two options. Option 1 is to say „No“ and let him die alone. Option 2 is to say „Yes“ and to support him just in case his crazy idea turns out to run out of control. After option 1 didn´t work I chose option 2, grabed the camera and a couple of emergency tools and accompanied Leon to the flooded banks of the river Rhine in Kaiserswerth.

Preparing for launch in gusty, tricky conditions with horizontal rain and temperatures around 7 degrees.

Ready to launch
Preparing to launch the Eleveight FS kite. Crazy guy!


Parking prohibited. Kitesurfing allowed 🙂

Kitesurfer on its way.
Passing for kitesurfers only!


Kitesurfer at the Rhine ferry in Kaiserswerth
Nobody said „No kitesurfing“


Side-onshore wind. Good to start but in case something goes wrong the kite and pilot would end in some good old chestnut trees. 

Kitesurfer close to a tree
„Hello“ says the chestnut tree!

Leon was in perfect control with the 14m Eleveight FS. Even in the strongest gusts.

Leon controlling the gusts.
Leon in control during the storm on a 14m kite!


Looking for a safe landing.

Kitesurfer with style in Kaiserswerth
Airstyle in Kaiserswerth


Happy Leon after crazy action

Happy ending
Happy end!

The action was worth the effort and brought some glory into a dull winter day. Thanks Leon for making me choose option 2!


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